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    My Journey through the Astronomical Year

    Think of this as a "companion text" to this, the main web site. Not required reading, butI hope you'll find it interesting and helpful.

Not updated, but . . .

. . . charts and information about the stars in the north and east continue to be accurate month-by-month. Just choose a month from the drop down menu “categories” on the left. HOWEVER, Planets will not be accurately plotted because they change their positions constantly. However, if you identify the stars and there’s a bright interloper not on the charts, then is almost certainly a planet.

I have stopped my monthly updates of events, so the material is no longer timely here – except, of course, the relatively timeless material about the position of stars during any given month – and that is the main thrust of this site – helping you to learn the position of the bright stars as they rise in the east. Armed with this knowledge you should be able to find your way around the night sky to more obscure objects.

Happy observing and clear skies!

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