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2009 Perseid meteors put on great display – better than expected!

Of course you needed clear skies and here in Westport, Ma. the two nights brought only one brief window of opportunity and a handful of meteors in bright moonlight. But even a predicted – and unusual – spike in Perseid activity came through on schedule.

Sky and Telescope gives this example as a typical experience:

The wife, daughter and I set up camp in the back of the pickup here in Livermore [California] last night for a star show my 11 year old daughter will never forget,” writes a commenter named Deadzheadz. “From 9:30 until 11 p.m. we spotted 25 to 30 meteors coming down. Some were so long and bright we had to turn our heads to follow the complete tail.

You can read the full Sky and Telescope report here.

My report of a brief, lucky break in the clouds is here.

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