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Follow the arc to Arcturus!

Prime time in April finds the familiar Big Dipper high in the northeastern sky and its gracefully curved handle provides a gentle arc that points us right to our April guidepost star – Arcturus.

If you continue that arc it will lead you to the May guidepost star, Spica – but don’t worry if you don’t see Spica this month – it is low in the southeast, but it will get higher.  Meanwhile, Saturn is as bright as any of our guidepost stars, about halfway up the sky in the southeast about 45 minutes after sunset. About another 15 degrees above and to the right is Regulus, the dominant star in Leo.

Click image to see a  larger version.

Click image to see a larger version.

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  1. […] of the month because it’s generally so elusive, but this is an especially good appearance. See this post for description and chart. Click for larger […]

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